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Swing Gates Manual and Electric Automatic Swing Gates Newgate. Commercial Security Gates Security Access.
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Swing Gates CAME UK.
230 V AC Systems. The ideal solution for fitting on medium/large gate posts in residential or apartment blocks. 24 V DC Systems. 230 V AC Systems. The ideal solution to apply to large gate posts in residential or apartment block settings.
Swing Gates Automation Nice S.p.A.
Through research into environmentally-friendly materials, development of instruments operating on solar energy, and solutions that simplify the control of light and heat, Nice aims to improve our quality of life in a way that is sustainable, thus caring for our planet.
Swing gates.
Naturally, you do not want intruders on your premises. The prongs on top of the gate make it impossible to climb. The frame consists of vertical steel tubes with a relatively large space between them but avoids people to squeeze through.
Swing gates Poortland.
New aluminium model Japura, to see in the photoalbum modern. Monday friday Visiting hours: 09.00 12.00u and 13.00 18.00u Telefone: 09.00 12.00u and 13.00 17.00u. Saturday Visiting hours: 10.00 16.00u. Sundays and holidays Closed. POORTLAND NV/SA Hombeeksesteenweg 164 166 2800 Mechelen.
Operators for swing gates CAME.
If the pillar is very narrow with a width as small as 8 cm, or if it is behind a wall or border fence, you need STYLO, ideal for automating small and pedestrian openings with leaves measuring up to 1.8 m in length.

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Swing Gates Manusa Manufacturer of Automatic Sliding Doors, Access Control, Emergency Door and Fireproof Doors and X-Rays.
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Turnstiles and swing gates for wherever they are needed Wanzl.
We at Wanzl make it easy for your customers or employees to enter your premises, and we offer a wide range of different turnstiles for public facilities and large businesses. The turnstile models come in two basic versions: motor-driven and electro-mechanical.

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