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Swing Gates Automation Nice S.p.A.
Through research into environmentally-friendly materials, development of instruments operating on solar energy, and solutions that simplify the control of light and heat, Nice aims to improve our quality of life in a way that is sustainable, thus caring for our planet.
Swing gates.
Naturally, you do not want intruders on your premises. The prongs on top of the gate make it impossible to climb. The frame consists of vertical steel tubes with a relatively large space between them but avoids people to squeeze through.
Turnstiles and swing gates for wherever they are needed Wanzl.
The release mechanism is triggered via a card reader, a coin operation device, a control panel, a ticketing system or another method in accordance with individual requirements. In the Portec electro-mechanical variant, there is no contact with the turnstile arms.
Operators for swing gates CAME.
If the pillar is very narrow with a width as small as 8 cm, or if it is behind a wall or border fence, you need STYLO, ideal for automating small and pedestrian openings with leaves measuring up to 1.8 m in length.
Swing Gates AS International.
Where to find us. Home Pedestrian Products Swing Gates. A true complement to security entrance lanes, the swing gates complement any facility that requires wide access in order to facilitate emergency egress or accommodate the mobility-impaired, deliveries or bulky objects.
Swing Gates CAME UK.
230 V AC Systems. The ideal solution for fitting on medium/large gate posts in residential or apartment blocks. 24 V DC Systems. 230 V AC Systems. The ideal solution to apply to large gate posts in residential or apartment block settings.
Swing Gates.
Leaf length m The leaf length value could be from 0.1 to 999. No encoder option. 390 230V Swing Gate Operator. 390 24V Swing Gate Operator. 391 24V Swing Gate Operator. 400 230V Swing Gate Operator. 402 230V Swing Gate Operator.
Swing Gates Manusa Manufacturer of Automatic Sliding Doors, Access Control, Emergency Door and Fireproof Doors and X-Rays.
Access Control Corridor Access Control System Auto Sliding Door Automated Door Systems Automated Doors Projects Automated Doors Specialists Automated Sliding Doors Automatic Door Maintenance Automatic Door Opener Automatic Door Opening System Automatic Door Repair Automatic Door Sensor Automatic Door Systems Automatic Doors Automatic Doors for Architects Automatic Glass Sliding Doors Automatic Sliding Door Automatic Sliding Glass Doors Automatic Swing Door Opener Automatic Swing Doors Commercial Sliding Doors Curved Sliding Doors Doors for Hospital Doors for Operating Theatres Doors for X-Ray Rooms E30 Fire Door E60 Fire Door Electric Door Emergency Exit Doors Fire Rated Doors Fire Resistant Doors Fire Retardant Door Fireproof Doors Glass Sliding Doors Glazed Fire Doors Hermetic Automatic Doors Interior Fire Rated Doors Internal Fire Doors Lead Automatic Doors Lead Doors Lead-Lined Automatic Doors Motorized Door Opener Motorized Sliding Door Radiology Room Door Revolving Doors Rotary Turnstile Panels Semicircular Doors Sliding Automatic Door Sliding Automatic Doors Sliding Hermetic Doors Spin Gate Swing Doors Swing Gates Swing Hermetic Doors Telescopic Sliding Doors Tightness Doors Turnstiles.
Professional swing gates Robusta Nylofor Betafence.
Other colours on request. Robusta Nylofor professional swing gates are CE marked according to the European regulation: construction products regulations CPR EU-305/2011 and type tested according to standard EN 13241-1 for industrial, commercial, garage doors and gates. mm Overall width.

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